ART4T – The Activities

The young European artists involved in the ART4T project experience a training programme led and shared by Egle Oddo, Gry Worre Hallberg and Basak Senova, which frames the production of new works (to be exhibited during BAM – Biennale Arcipelago Mediterraneo in Palermo, on September 2022) and which ends on January 2023 with a workshop at Sisters Hope Home in Copenhagen dedicated to a reflective intensification on the work produced by the group.

All trainings are embedded in the artistic practices of Italian artist Egle Oddo, whose work introduces dimensions of biology, botany and natural sciences into visual and performing arts, and of Danish artist Gry Worre Hallberg whose work is embedded in immersion, activist intervention and intimate interactivity. Turkish curator and designer Basak Senova is a co-conductor of the workshops.

In the ART4T – Art Rethinks Transformation project, the artists contributed to the storytelling of the artistic process. Each artist was called to tell, with images and videos, the co-creation processes with the artists Gry Worre Hallberg and Egle Oddo, and with the curator Basak Senova.
The result is a choral, collective and collaborative story: different languages for a collage of points of view and perspectives.
The selected artists, in addition to being protagonists of the process, are also interpreters.
The experimentation of new narrative possibilities is added to the experimentation of new training possibilities. We multiply the voices and unite them in a single story, which becomes plural albeit unique and, thus, reflects the European identity.